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Complete Vacuum Systems - DuoVac High Vacuum Pump/Blower Packages - 265 to 12,000 CFM

Dependable High Performance Design

DuoVac High Vacuum Pump/Blower Packages are designed for high uptime in demanding applications. Our direct drive air-cooled blower eliminates bearing and shaft seal failures associated with belt drive designs. The Variable Frequency Drive option reduces cycle time and increases throughput by starting the blower and backing pump together at atmosphere.

Get More From Your Equipment

When temporary production needs require costly equipment additions, consider a vacuum system upgrade first. Increase production rates by decreasing pump-down time. Engineered pumping packages are available to meet most pump-down needs. Computer analysis techniques will confirm performance before custom equipment is assembled.

Features & Benefits

Variable frequency drive control

Vacuum pump & blower start at atmosphere without bypass

Whole package speed control


HS-300 vacuum pump interchangeable with Stokes 412

Direct drive blower

Saves on maintenance

Flexible Mounting

Blower motor can be mounted on either side

Low Noise

System noise below 85 DBA
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