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HBV Series Belt Drive Rotary Vane Pumps - 10 to 18 CFM

Versatile Performance at a Value Price

HullVac Pumpís Belt Driven Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps feature micron range ultimate vacuum and reliable operation. HBV Series Vacuum Pumps are proven performers in industrial and laboratory applications where dependable performance, small footprint, and quiet operation are essential.

These air cooled pumps feature a two-stage design and come standard with NW type inlet and outlet connections. Compound stage design and adjustable gas ballast enable these pumps to operate at low vacuum levels while purging contaminants, such as water vapor, from your vacuum system.

Features & Benefits

Quiet Operation

Dynamically balanced moving parts and elastomeric support pads result in extremely smooth and quiet operation.

Low Vibration

Low vibration operation allows them to be run on most surfaces which can support their weight.

Low Rotational Speed

Operates at 1/3 rotational speed of direct drive pumps.

Two Stage Design

Assures high throughput below 300 microns

Low Ultimate Blank-off

To 0.001 Torr

Adjustable gas ballast

Handles condensable vapors.

Rugged Construction

Body is constructed from chemical resistant cast iron.

Small Footprint

Efficient, space-saving design.
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