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HVC Series Double Stage Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps - 18 to 960 CFM

Two Stage Performance At a Single Stage Price

HullVac Pump's Double Stage Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps feature the next generation of vacuum pump technology. If micron range ultimate vacuum and high reliability is required, HVC Series Vacuum Pumps are an excellent choice.

Ruggedly constructed from chemical resistant cast iron, HVC series vacuum pumps feature hardened shafts and Viton® shaft seals. Our rotary piston design and low rotational speeds reduce wear. Replacing a single stage pump with a compound pump increases vacuum system performance by reducing pump down time and base pressure. When low base pressure is required, a less expensive, lower capacity compound pump can equal the performance of larger, single-stage pumps.

Upgrade now and get all the improvements in one durable, reliable, tough pump.

Features & Benefits

Double Stage Design

Second stage enhances capacity below 250 microns and allows full gas ballast operation while maintaining micron range blank off.

Sealed Bearings

Bearing life is enhanced by isolating them from harmful process grit and solvents. No center wall bearing enhances reliability.

Low Vibration

Three chamber design provides exceptional balance. Pump operates with minimal vibration sitting on any flat surface.

Tough Valve Assemblies

Heavy duty studs, springs and wear plates are mounted to hardened steel seats designed to prevent broken springs from falling into the pumping chamber.

Metal Belt Guards

Steel construction enhances safety and durability.

Large Site Port

Large diameter glass site port with stainless steel bezel and o-ring seal makes checking oil level and condition easy.

Oil Flow Indicator

An oil stream splashes onto the site port ensuring easy verification even when oil is opaque.

Redundant Shaft Seals

Triple redundant Viton shaft seals ride on hardened steel sleeves to guard against leakage.

Caged Hinge Bars

One piece construction enhances wear life and reduces operating noise.

Rugged Construction

Body is constructed from chemical resistant cast iron.

After Sale Support

Three Year Limited Warranty and Uptime program offer assurance long after the initial installation.
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