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Arid™ Vacuum Pipe Dehydration Technology

State of the Art Control of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Fire Sprinkler Systems

HullVac supplies future MIC technology today: Currently microbiologically influenced corrosion remediation and prevention methods are chemically based, mechanically intensive, and not always reliable. With HullVac’s advanced Arid Pipe Dehydration TM system, remediation and prevention are now eco-friendly, simple, and dependable.

Your need drives our solutions: Museum administrators facing a costly MIC remediation shutdown contacted HullVac. Motivated by their need, we created a solution able to lower cost, avoid a shutdown and eliminate their MIC threat. The Arid Pipe Dehydration TM system is that solution.

Benefits of Arid™ Pipe Dehydration Technology

Addresses MIC from a preventive maintenance standpoint

Avoid costly repairs and disruption

Single connection point to the sprinkler system

Minimal disruption during treatment

Sprinkler system remains on duty during the dehydration process

Minimal operator attention required

Arid™ is Eco-friendly and Safe

Eliminates need for toxic biocides

Safe for pipes and systems

Safe for staff and visitors

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